Petey Redux

Recently my mother recalled a classic Petey moment and I’d be remiss not to include it in the collection (see the prior September 14th entry “Petey”). As I’d mentioned earlier, my dad’s (father #2) mother lived with us for a while when I was 2 to 3 years old and was there for the Petey era.

One day before my parents came home from work my grandmother, who was assigned to watch me, was working in the kitchen preparing dinner and she’d pop open the refrigerator at various times to retrieve whatever. Eventually in the process she came back to grab something else, opened the door and Petey sprang out of the fridge like a jack-in-the-box causing her a near coronary.

Beautiful…not the potential coronary necessarily, but the tactic was brilliant!

During the many door openings she hadn’t noticed that Petey had jumped into the fridge before she closed the door. So there he was, puzzled as to the sudden climate change and then, hello…grandma!

That was Petey, sheer performance art genius all wrapped up in a ball of fur.

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