Up until I was age 9 or so we always had various animals around, as…

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A Real Riot, part 1

Life with its infinite randomness can be affected by the simplest of twists or turns….

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The ‘Talk’

My mother pretty much tackled everything as far as parenting in my teenage years was…

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Baby’s First Words…

By the time I was 3 years old I was still without the use of…

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A Tall Order

Occasionally during the summers my mother and I would go and visit my Great Aunt…

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Friendship 101

We’ve all got our various acquaintances based upon common interests and work relations and we’ve…

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In Passing

There is no primer for how to deal with the passing of a loved one….

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Vacuum Packed

Having no siblings meant a certain freedom, one closely associated with solitary confinement but a…

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At the End of the Line

When I was younger I occasionally liked to fly kites from my yard, which was…

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Costanzian Logic

On the long running sitcom Seinfeld, there’s an episode where Jerry’s friend George Costanza comes…

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